Client Results

Here are some of the results I’ve achieved for my clients.

Direct Mail

  • A sales letter produced over $51,500 in sales… without offering anything for sale. (It used a technique called the ‘irresistible offer’.)
  • As mentioned on the home page, another sales letter produced over $11 in revenue per letter mailed. (Quantity mailed: almost 5,000.) How did it do this? It presented an initial offer to the readers, then drove them to a website to watch a sales video (both of which I created for the client).
  • A single-page flyer produced immediate revenues of $6.64 and additional back-end revenue of $6.17 for every dollar spent on the mailing. Quantity mailed: 10,000. (The mailing was planned to be larger, but my client was overwhelmed by the response and did not have the capacity to handle more business.)

Internet Marketing

  • A six-minute website video (production costs: $4,500) pulled in $63,353.28 in sales.
  • A handful of Internet ads, running on ‘autopilot’, have pulled in 1,151 new customers (so far) in just a few months… day and night, completely automatically and hands-free.
  • A “quick results” search engine campaign brought the client’s new site to the #1 position in Google (for several important keywords) in just 8 days.

Website Marketing Makeovers

  • A new design for a client’s site changed its bounce rate from almost 100 percent down to 28 percent.
  • Adding a video to a client’s site increased its average time-spent-on-site up to a whopping 5 minutes and 40 seconds. (How much would it cost to buy a 5-minute commercial on TV? And even if you bought one, nobody would watch it. My client has his customers eagerly watching a longer sales message — for free.)
  • Changing one letter on a webpage more than doubled the profits it produced. (Contact me if you’re curious what we did.)

Other Marketing Techniques

  • A single press release generated free advertising in a major national magazine, multiple regional news media, and an unsolicited translation into a large foreign-language publication.
  • A series of “editorial” pieces got my client national coverage in Time, USA Today, Reuters, the Washington Post, and multiple interviews on national radio and television programs.
  • Several ghostwritten books have achieved “expert” status in their fields for my clients. (The latest book is being published by John Wiley & Sons, a major New York publisher.)

How I Get These Results
(and How You Can, Too)

Most consultants do exactly that — consulting, and nothing else. This means much of the advice you’ll get from them is purely theoretical. They aren’t putting that advice into practice for themselves.

That’s not what you’ll get from me. In addition to my sales writing practice, I own several other businesses as well. I’m ‘in the marketing trenches’ right alongside you every day, and I won’t suggest you do anything unless I know it works.

For example, look at this ad spend:

Adwords spend in one account

This is my personal spend from just one of my seven pay-per-click accounts, for just one of my businesses. And obviously, it doesn’t include the other forms of advertising I do.

Here’s why this matters to you: I know what works, because I’m doing it myself. You won’t get theoretical advice from me: only tested, battle-hardened techniques that make you money.

How to Get a FREE Review of Your Marketing

I’m certain that right now — as you read this — you have huge profit opportunities that you don’t even recognize. Most businesses do.

You’re either wasting money on underperforming advertising, or not taking advantage of new opportunities, or not making the revenue you should from existing customers. Probably all of the above.

In fact, I’ll prove it to you…

I’ll show you for FREE the opportunities
you have in your business.

Just contact me to get a FREE half-hour phone consultation. We’ll schedule a convenient time for us to talk.

There’s no cost and no obligation. We’ll just talk about the specific things you could be doing to multiply your profits.

Why will I do this? To demonstrate how much more you will make in your business if you work with me. But even if we don’t decide to work together afterward, this should be a very profitable conversation for you.

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